The Practice


At Neweling & Co. we provide full accounting, tax and auditing services for Canadians, as well as German speaking immigrants and businesses. 

Our practice specializes in consulting with German speaking clients who wish to or have investetd in Canada or who wish to or have immigrated to Canada. It benefits our clients that the principals and some staff members speak and write German and have considerable knowledge of the basic concepts of the German, Austrian and Swiss tax systems.

For immigrants we help assess the tax impact after immigration to Canada and design a strategic plan of the client's affairs prior to immigration. This may include assistance with asset appraisals, income allocation and non-resident trusts.

For foreign businesses we assist with the purchase or sale of corporations and property, tax planning for subsidiaries and monitoring of investments.

Our services

  • Consulting for all Canadian taxes

  • International tax consulting for specific countries and cross-border taxation

  • Tax returns for corporations, trusts and individuals

  • Financial statements preparation, both audited and unaudited

  • Bookkeeping and accounting

  • Management consulting

  • Assistance with due diligence on acquisition and sale of investments

  • APPLICATION for certificate of compliance for DIspositions of non-residents 


Cooperation with European Accountants

In many cases our firm works together with the European accountants of our clients. This enables us to ensure that the tax concepts in Canada are compatible with those of the European countries and to ensure that the advantages of the individual tax treaties with Canada are taken into account. This is beneficial to clients immigrating to Canada to avoid major tax surprises by planning the structure of the investment in Canada to take into account the European tax concepts.

Contacts and Business Relations

Our firm maintains contacts with many lawyers, notaries, private bankers, real estate agents and property managers, as well as experts, of whom the majority are German speakers. Those of our clients that wish to invest in Europe are referred to our European colleagues with whom we do business on a regular basis.